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Tape extension Training

Tape extension Training

On every one of our courses, you will learn how to:

Understand the industry and latest trends

Work safely and efficiently

Use extensions for length, thickness and different colour effects

Complete a client consultation

Understand contraindications

Select the perfect method and density for your client

Understand different qualities and textures of hair

Achieve the perfect colour match

Create new colour effects such as balayage and highlight

Section the hair and apply different methods safely and securely with correct tension

Position extensions discreetly for different methods and needs e.g. for length, volume, highlights and more

Use cutting and blending techniques to achieve a natural look

Perfectly style extensions with free tutorials

Safely remove hair extensions

Educate and provide aftercare and maintenance for your clients

Structure pricing and understand profit for your services

Launch and market your new business

Use social media to assist with your new business

Insure your new business

Select the perfect suppliers with our recommendations and trade discount

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